35* North - Shoe design inspired by plastic in the ocean


Year: 2017

Designer: Lloyd Revald

Drawings: Lloyd Revald


Nowhere else on the planet is the effect of human behavior more noticeable than in the Ocean. I am deeply concerned by this effect and instead of just bragging I chose this as a topic for my color project. I wanted to find colors and implement them in a drawing exercise of a shoe. 


To find colors in images* with plastic from the ocean and transform them into a shoe in an inspiring way.

With millions of colors in the ocean I have found a few to work with as seen in the grid below.

*Images are from Pinterest and not mine



Top part of the colors are mainly blue while the colors below are mainly plastic colors. 

In the proces I drew fifteen shoes as an exercise. From them I chose the one with most references to waves and elements with interest.

Final product

35 degrees north

Selected shoe with final color combination. The shoe is a comment about our collective problem with millions of tons of plastic being dumped into the ocean every single year.

Lloyd Revald Photography
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