MATTR - Meaningful material transformation 


Topic: Speculative material design 

Year: 2019

Designer: Lloyd Revald

Photography: Lloyd Revald

Model: Lloyd Revald

Inspiration: Embracing diversity in human skin color


In my study of the color and sizes of eggs as a new material, I found a key insight: egg pigment is not similar. Each egg, like a human - has a fingerprint. Their different expressions and unique pigment led me to a strong reference to the human body, which can consist of pigment defects and mother marks. In the modern world we use make-up and generally wants to remove the errors we show - but a backlash is happening right now. In a new and powerful reaction, among other things the fashion industry embraces this.

With that knowledge, I have used eggshells and put them into a context. I've transformed a material that was otherwise of no value - into a set of wearables made of eggshells. The color and shape of the shells can be used on the body as decoration and thus pay homage to the diversity of people.



The calcium found in the eggs also has a natural connection to the calcium that we have in our bones. With these wearables, a natural mosaic is created on the body. These wearables consist of double-sided tape - on the underside, the tape can be added to the skin, providing flexibility and stitching to the shells - while the upper side is beautifully decorated with unique and carefully selected egg shells.

Final product

An expression

These wearables challenge our idea of maternity and pigment errors. This way you can tell your own story of unique wearabels with each color and expression. 

Lloyd Revald Photography
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