CUVE - light solution proposal to Godset (Kolding)


Year: 2018

Designers: Rasmus Bastrup, Lloyd Revald, Maria Berking & Maja Ibsen Brammer

Renderings: Lloyd Revald/ Rasmus B
Sketches: All
Laser-cutter: Rasmus B./ Maja B. Electricity: All
Experiments: All


In our bief we had to design a light solution for a concert hall. CUVE is a construction specifically designed for an indoor event hall placed in Kolding, Denmark. They wanted a light soruce in between concets and add more cosyness to the hall.



We designed CUVE / cyve, as a modular light system that can be spread over a large amount of space as seen on next page.Its geometric ground structure makes it stylish to look at while its curvy construction makes it more playful and characteristic.

We have used materials such as aluminium, birch veneer, wires, LED spots and more.

Floor plan

Overview at where we suggest the lamp can hang as a modular light system. 



How might we create a light that can emphasize and bring a new and better solution to Godset (concert hall)?

In a collaboration with Godset and our group we went from selecting 8 concepts, refining them into three ideas and after several tests and experiments we had our final idea. I've learned to work with light, shadow, experimenting, concept-drawing, electricity, construction, rendering and delivering a powerful presentation at last. 

Final product


is a combination of the english two words cube and wave combined: CUVE. We managed to create a real life prototype with even more satisfying results than the renders we have created. We are way more into the soft light hitting the wood shown on the real-life prototype than on the renders - but the reason we show the renders is to show the ideal product in a showable and persuasive manner.


These attached images are renderings to show details and construction insights.

This images is a close-up of the wires and electricity that ideally would hold the system in place.

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