Lux - light weight and simple desk tool


Year: 2019

Designer: Lloyd Revald

3D drawings: Lloyd Revald

Renderings: Lloyd Revald


An idea to create a simple and cool looking desk tool for organizing your desk while still being light in its touch and feel. 



The concept has its root in desk organizing. I got inspired by Normann Copenhagen and HAY. Their way of organizing is quite simple and joyful I think. The structure has also a reference to an aluminium foam structure. The white render images is displayed as a way of showing the intentional use of the LUX.

Final product

Simple - for all to use

A simple joyful and easy-to-organize desk tool made out aluminium with small holes which makes the product incredibly light. Dimensions measures 213mm by 185mm and 35mm.

Lloyd Revald Studio
Otte Ruds Gade 41, 1. sal
8200 Aarhus N

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