CS7 - modern and simplistic every day objects in monochrome colors


Year: 2019

Designer: Lloyd Revald

3D drawings: Lloyd Revald

Renderings: Lloyd Revald


As an exercise for myself and to do some three-dimensional drawings. I chose to work with some simple geometric objects to better put focus on the work in Keyshot. The renderings are made in Keyshot 8 to exercise my skills and workflow in these computer programs. 

Inspiration: Normann Copenhagen 


CS7 is a small collection of everyday products with a focus on material, color and experience. The collection has its standpoint in geometric shapes which helps its form language to appear easy to understand. The collection has also been an exercise to incapsulate scandinavian design with focus on materials and its capabilities



Model making in Rhino

My background for size and scale was based upon regular and standard sizes of the pot and the cup. These images is a representation of the the three dimensional work and the rendered version with added materials. 

Final product


CS means Classic Scandinavian. 7 is my favourite number. The overall project is heavily focused on practicing skills in Rhino and Keyshot. The products are merely a small everyday exercise to become better at making concepts into tangible ideas though 3D visual software.

Materials added: Stainless steel, aluminium, glass and plastic

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