UEO - the worlds first regenerative battery for public use


Year: 2019

Topic: Service design + conceptual design

Designer: Clara Sika Helbo, Ludvig Samsing Wiese & Lloyd Philip Revald

Concept development & research: Clara Helbo & Lloyd Revald

3D-drawings: Ludvig Samsing Wiese

Renderings: Lloyd Revald & Ludvig Samsing Wiese

Illustrations: Lloyd Revald



Copenhagen 2025. The municipality of Copenhagen have acknowledged the need to redefine the era of energy consumption and set several goals and initiatives to become the first carbon neutral city in the world. 

How might we design a system to make people collectively aware about generating energy more efficiently?


Energy and collectivity as currency


In this century we’ve been introduced to different currencies - the most notable being the cryptocurrency, bitcoin.

If the ambition is to go carbon neutral we might just need another way to think about currency and how energy can become an integral part of that.


To meet the ambition of becoming carbon neutral by 2025 and changing the way we think of currency we need to establish sense a community and a “everyone for all” mentality.

A sense of collective gain makes for the best possibility of success.

*Images from Unsplash

The UEO equation

- Universal bike: 9 out of 10 people have a bike in Denmark which makes it the most democratic means of transportation. It is an inexpensive solution and besides production it has no polluting contributes.

- Easy station logostics: It is easy to manouvre around the station as it does not take up much space since the capsules are contained underground. Using the bowling-bowl principle.

- Hidden energy: There is an untapped resource in the energy we produce daily while commuting back and forth on the bike.


All in one design 

UEO has been made with strength abilities in mind. Main shell is made out of carbon fiber which is incredibly strong. The energy which is stored in the capsule will be transferred after it has been handed in at the stations.

The concept for 2025 is build upon the dynamo principle.


User journey & key insights

Key insights

73 % would become more motivated if they knew exactly how much energy they produced while commuting on the bike 

User-journey touch down

The catalyst to support this initiative is that we all worry about the future and how we reduce our consumption. This is an initiative to change it together, more efficiently and for the better. These are the predestined touchpoints which the consumer will interact with to get the ideal experience of the service. These are the actions the consumer will think of, when reflecting on how they use the service and which components it has.

Final product

Clean energy for all

UEO as the medium is about gathering people and allowing them to change the discourse of the climate faster.

Our service provides an optional solution to a not so optional problem. 

- Make energy as a currency

- Push for collective mobility

- Democratic energy efficiency

- Focus on production energy and reducing consumption.

The energy that is produced will be in its’ cleanest state. And therefore makes it possible for Copenhagen to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital.

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